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What is an audit?

First we analyze visibility of a website in search engines. It allows you to see if there are problems with indexing, what is the trust index, are there any problems with website loading, its age.

Internal Optimization Analysis

Link profile analysis

SERP position analysis


We check positions of more than 5000 search queries on your subject in Bing, Google, Yahoo

Queries are sampled from:

  • Google AdWords Keywords planner
  • Google autocomplete
  • Google Related searches
  • Bing Search Suggestions
  • Yahoo Search Assist
  • Google trends
  • Competitor analysis

You may chose Retargeting:

  • The whole world
  • USA
  • Partial State

Website analysis

  • We check current level of website optimization
  • We identify existing problems
  • We check for content relevance using 15 different search queries

Reference links analysis

Detailed information about references: what, where, when etc.
Anchor cloud
Social media popularity
Comparison with Competitors


What a comprehensive audit means for you:

  1. We provide the ability to fix bugs on the website.
  2. We try to list all the shortcomings that prevent a full indexing and ranking of your website.
  3. We provide the verdict about the state of website optimization.
  4. We will show what you should pay attention to when modifying your website.
  5. We will make recommendations how to make your website more convenient to your customers.
  6. We appreciate all our clients, so we try our best to make your website work for your business and promote it to the top of the search engine results page.

300 $ / month

Website audit Prices

If you used our report to make changes to your website, we will perform a free check on your work in one month!

5 business days