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Give us 7 days and get up to 270% more customers!!

  1. Your ads are shown only to potential customers.
  2. You pay for visit, not for preview.
  3. First users will see your ad in just 3 days.

Advertising in search engines ensures placement of your website to the top of google search results page!


Pay Per Click Advertising

Ensures that your website gets to the top of
Google, Bing, Yahoo

Your website is being shown only to targeted audience.
You pay only when the user visits your website.
First potential customers will see your advertisement in 3 days.

Order Google AdWords Advertising

AdWords allows to advertise your website:

  • In the Google search results page.
  • In thousands of well known resources such as, Google Maps and others.

Tip: If you want to improve your position in Google AdWords without raising bid per click, then optimize your website. There is a direct relationship between the position in the ad unit, and similarity to the particular search query.


Everyone can make an Ad campaign in Google AdWords. What do we offer?


“Selebros” has a technology that increases the efficiency of Google AdWords advertising campaigns. It monitors the issuance of AdWords ad block and supports website’s offer in the block.
During the support you get:
1. Position growth
2. Increase in CTR
3. Rate reduction
4. Customers from your competitors come to you.

More clients and cheaper advertising


The technology:

Employees of “Selebros” have set up hundreds of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct and Bing Ads. 90% of advertising campaigns are adjusted according to particular logic which can easily lead to reduced effectivity. We will reduce advertisement effectivity of your competitors.


Before you make any payments, we always check to see whether our strategy is working to optimize your website search queries. We will define planned results and will use them as a target. Automated robots will control the situation in ad blocks 24/7.


What are the costs?

Each search engine query has its own characteristics and therefore there are no static prices. We calculate our price according to the next formula:

Monthly subscription fee = average number of queries per month * 0.1

For example: Google provides statistics on the settings of your campaign (location targeting and other filters) which states that particular search query has an average of 26 000 requests per month. So the cost of our services will be 26 000 * 0.1 = $ 2600

Our terms and conditions:
1. The terms are listed in business days.
2. Your bid per click must be at least 25% greater than recommended price.