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The text for the site's home page

2 in 1 text format

The text on the main page serves 2 main purposes:

Task 1. Sale!

First, good text improves conversion by 5 to 20%. With the right text your website will be:

Very credible for targeted audience

Your customers will enjoy your text.

Task 2. Promotion!

Second, this text will be used for web promotion in SERP. You get optimized text that:

Uses keywords
100% unique
Not a spam

You will get the text search engines like!

Recommended size of the text for the main page: 1500 – 2000 characters.

Texts for internal pages

Texts for internal pages increase the trust index of your website.

Texts which explain a lot:

Information about your company and your business
Terms and Conditions
Payment and delivery
Other texts for internal pages

If you copy texts from your competitors you will get search engine sanctions for using a non-unique content, so we recommend ordering texts from us which will make visitors spend more time on your website and actually get to know your product or service.

Recommended size of texts for internal pages: 1000 – 1500 characters.

Information articles

Informational articles form the loyalty of your customers and allow for registration in article directories

We fill your website with interesting content so that users have a reason to spend more time on your website. Search engines will notice quality content and will raise positions of your website in SERP.

Get an informative article:

On any topic and subject
Interesting to read
Optimized for search queries

Recommended size for informational articles: 2000 – 2500 characters.

Newsletters, press releases and other texts

Stimulate interest in your product or service and your company as a whole

Want to inform your customers about an upcoming event?
Order the correct mailing list which will attract targeted audience.

Good press release or newsletter allows for:

Formation of loyalty among your customers
Information of customers about important events
Stimulation to action

Recommended size for press releases and newsletters: 1000 – 1500 characters.

The text for the website's home page
Texts for internal pages
Informational articles
Newsletters, press releases
and other texts

How do we write texts?

  • Examine your business: market, targeted audience, competitors.
  • Define prominent features of your product or service.
  • Generate a list of key search queries for use within text.
  • Write text plan using AIDA, PAS models.
  • Modify text, verify every word.
  • Work out title and description tags.
  • Perform quality control:
    – Verify text uniqueness,
    – Analyze content for spam,
    – Verify literacy.
  • Modify text per your comments.

How long does it take?

  • You will receive first draft of the text within 5 working days.
  • You may edit it and provide necessary changes within next 3 days.
  • We analyze your text as much as you want for free.

Our texts in figures

6+ years copywriting

Hundreds of texts
already at work for our clients

Average conversion of our texts is 7.5%

Up to 5 days to design
(good work takes time)

At least two experts check each text according to 7 quality parameters

Our quality standards

People carefully read long texts only in exceptional cases, for example if it is a good article.
Usually users just skim through the visible content on websites.
Therefore, when ordering texts from us, you get the text that is:
  • 1. Concise – we remove all words devoid of meaning
  • 2. Exact – only use facts and objective assessments
  • 3. With a focus on the benefits for the client – write about things that excite your customers
  • +4 SEO-parameters. And yet each of our texts is checked by SEO-experts on nausea, uniqueness, spam, and optimization.
In the end
Each of our text is not just optimized for search engines, it also appeals to you and your clients.
The average amount of text that we write is 2000 characters with spaces.


Who will place the text on my website?

- You can do it yourself or contact us for assistance
. Our price is 30 $ per text.

Why so expensive?

– We conduct preliminary marketing research

- Using proven methodology and innovative techniques

– 100% uniqueness

– Literacy and style
(assured by lead copywriter)

– Performance
(tested by web marketing experts)

What do I need
to start the work?

View the application form. All the information for start is there.